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Speedy Canadian chef breaks pizza record - Chef Jobs News

Speedy Canadian chef breaks pizza record

5 Jul 2010

Canadian TV chef Bob Blumer has broken the Guinness World Record for cooking the most pizzas in one hour. The chef made an astonishing 168 cheese and tomato pizzas in 60 minutes. That's about one every 22 seconds! The previous record was 142, cooked in 2008.

The event took place in Toronto as part of a television series on The Food Network called 'Glutton for Punishment', in which Blumer will attempt to break six world records.

The chef was cheered on by a large crowd as he frantically stretched, sauced, cheesed and fired the pizzas. But it very nearly ended in disappointment - Blumer's pizza oven broke down with five minutes left. "I was thinking Mamma Mia! This could be a big disaster", he said. But the oven was quickly fixed by a technician.

Afterwards, the pizzas were given out to the hungry crowd. Blumer only ate one slice - from the very last pizza - and said: "It was the best slice of pizza I've ever had."


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