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Chef Shortage in Australia Rated Extreme - Chef Jobs News

Chef Shortage in Australia Rated Extreme

29 Jul 2010

Australia's shortage of chefs has now been ranked 'extreme' in a report published last month. on the supply and demand for varions.

The report, showing a snapshot of the supply and demand situation for various occupation categories, found that there were approximately 3800 unfilled chef positions in Australia.

The demand for chefs in June increased to 75,500, while supply increased to 71,700 workers. This has placed chefs at the top of the list of occupations with the highest levels of skills shortages.

The report said that the labour market for chefs has "consistently been tighter than other skilled occupations over the last few years, indicative of a systematic shortage in the number of chefs in Australia... This is reflected in the fact that chefs are the only occupation to record an extreme skills index reading in the June quarter."

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