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Hospitality Jobs Rise to 2.4m - Chef Jobs News

Hospitality Jobs Rise to 2.4m

13th Oct 2010

A recent report commissioned by the British Hospitality Association highlighted the growth in jobs within the hospitality sector and its importance to the UK economy. The report called "Economic Contribution of the UK Hospitality Industry" was prepared by Oxford Economics and it shows that hospitality is the 5th largest employment sector in the UK supplying 1 in 13 of total jobs. There are an estimated 400,000 jobs in hotels and related services; 1.26m jobs in restaurants, 750,000 contract catering and in-house catering jobs; and 20,000 jobs in event management. The core hospitality economy (hotels, restaurants, catering and event management) has an estimated turnover of £90bn and is worth £46bn to the UK economy in GVA (wage and profits), contributing an estimated £34bn in gross tax revenues.

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