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Carehome Chef

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    £16.00 - £32.00/hour


Ensuring compliance with Healthy and Safety and Food Hygiene requirements while assisting in the preparation and provision of meals and having the responsibility of running the kitchen day to day.
Key Responsibilities
- Ensuring that meals are nutritious, appetising and meeting dietary needs by preparing and cooking meals and snacks following a pre-set menu in line with Health and Safety Regulations.

- Carry out simple stock checks and report any items to be ordered to the relevant staff to ensure that all adequate supplies are maintained.

- Perform the cleaning of the kitchen, its surroundings, and equipment to uphold a high standard of maintenance for the kitchen

- Maintain the security of the kitchen and storerooms consistently to establish a safe working environment.

- Maintain the highest standard of personal hygiene and cleanliness for yourself.

Skills Required

Culinary Skills:

Proficient cooking skills and knowledge of various cuisines.
Ability to plan and prepare balanced, nutritious meals for residents.
Knowledge of dietary restrictions and special dietary needs.
Menu Planning:

Capability to create varied and appealing menus that cater to the dietary requirements of residents.
Efficient menu planning to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet for different needs.
Food Safety and Hygiene:

Adherence to strict food safety and hygiene standards.
Knowledge of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles.
Time Management:

Effective time management to ensure meals are prepared and served on schedule.
Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Good communication skills to understand and meet the preferences and dietary needs of residents.
Collaboration with care staff and other kitchen personnel.

Flexibility to accommodate changing dietary requirements or menu preferences.
Ability to adjust recipes for different portion sizes.

Efficient organization of kitchen operations and inventory management.
Ordering and maintaining appropriate levels of food supplies.

Collaborative work with kitchen staff to ensure smooth operations.
Leadership skills if overseeing a team of kitchen personnel.

Creative flair in presenting meals attractively.
Ability to innovate and introduce new recipes or cooking techniques.
Patience and Compassion:

Patience in dealing with diverse resident needs and preferences.
Compassion and understanding, particularly when catering to residents with specific health conditions.
Stress Management:

Ability to handle the pressure of a busy kitchen environment and unexpected challenges.
Knowledge of Special Diets:

Understanding and experience in preparing meals for residents with specific dietary requirements, such as diabetic, gluten-free, or soft diets.
Having a combination of these skills can contribute to the success of a care home chef in providing nutritious and enjoyable meals for residents while maintaining high standards of safety and hygiene.

Qualifications Required
- Food Hygiene
- Infection Control
- Moving and Handling of Objects
- Health and Safety

Menu planning
Dietary restrictions
Food safety
Meal preparation
Special diets
Balanced meals
Cooking skills
Time management
Inventory management
Stress management
Health-conscious cooking
HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
Resident preferences
Kitchen management

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