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Jamie Oliver urges ministers to increase school dinner funding - Chef Jobs News

Jamie Oliver urges ministers to increase school dinner funding

9 Jul 2010

Statistics have revealed that health secretary Andrew Lansley's criticism of Jamie Oliver's 2005 school dinners campaign was unjustified - as the demand for school dinners has risen, contrary to his allegations. The new figures reveal that an increasing number of children are choosing to eat school dinners, the quality of which was vastly improved following the celebrity chef's campaign. In light of this, the chef is urging ministers to increase funding for school dinners, stating: "Some people in government might look at the figures and think that it's now time to take the foot off the gas because it's a success story. That would be completely wrong." He went on to say that "Now is the time to move up a gear," as he feels that the progress that has been made should continue so that the schools that are still falling below standards can catch up.

Oliver highlighted the benefits of investment now - stating that it "saves lives and [the] NHS billions in the future". But, according to an article by the Guardian, "the Department for Education has refused to promise to extend the £80m-a-year subsidy, the school lunch grant". Sarah Teather, the Liberal Democrat children and families minister, said that "the next steps for school food policy [will be set out] in due course".


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