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Scotland Apprentice Chef Wins Award in 1st Job

Scotland Apprentice Chef Wins Award in 1st Job

20th January 2012

A 22 year old apprentice sous chef in Perth, Scotland, landed the runner-up position at the recent National Apprenticeship Awards.

Paul Barrance is a junior sous chef at the Lovat Hotel. Having been interested in cookery from an early age, he earned a place on a professional cookery course at Perth College. His recognised potential lead to a trainee job offer from the Symphony Hotel chain. Paul left the education route at the end of his course, and went on to take the full-time apprenticeship.

"Apprenticeships are so important" sais Paul, "without them I wouldn't be doing what I am today." Like many young Chefs, Paul decided that on-the-job training would be the best way to get a foot in the kitchen door, and is delighted to see his hard work on the scheme pay off. "It's been really hard work but I'm delighted to have my efforts and skills rewarded in this way".

The hotel can definitely now claim to set the standard with Trainee schemes for young chefs. "We're great supporters of apprenticeship schemes and are proud to be playing a part in what we're sure will be a very successful career for this young man", said Company Director Mike Sheffield.

Symphony Hotels will continue to support training-on-the-job roles for all new chefs in all of their hotels across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Source: Perthshire Advertiser

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