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Slovenia chef feeds players what they like - Chef Jobs News

Slovenia chef feeds players what they like

25 Jun 2010

Ahead of today's crucial World Cup clash, Slovenian team chef Valentin Janezic has criticised the tough eating regime that Fabio Capello has imposed on the England squad. While the England players eat such foods as pine nuts, dried apricots and sushi rice, the Slovenians eat their favourite foods, such as Nutella chocolate spread and beef steaks. The chef told the Evening Standard "Our team has to be prepared for a match but they are men who can eat what they like", and they are also able to see their wives and have a beer after a match. In light of allegations that England's lack of success is down to the strict diet and separation from their families, the chef went on to say "Maybe our boys are happier and more successful because they have the food they love in their stomachs". This afternoon's game will show whether or not he was right.


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